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Seven billion years of earth's
history at your fingertips.

Animated Prototype


How can we bring the lessons from the textbook to the tablet? From the classroom to the home?

Education conduces innovation, discovery, wealth, and enlightment on both a societal and personal level. However, true education is a life-long process; it exceeds the boundaries of the classroom. How can we bring the lessons from the textbook to the tablet? From the classroom to the home?



Much of earth’s most basic history, while enormously important, seems to elude even the educated, first-world demographic. Eon will communicate the most salient aspects of earth’s 4.6 billion year history.


Through highly engaging user interactions, rich graphics and exciting animations, Eon aims to inspire that deeply curious place in all of us, that, for many, has been numbed by dry textbooks, un-engaging lectures, and stressful testing.


Discovery Channel, as part of a hypothetical marketing effort, will sponsor the app! Their branding, which encapsulates their core mission as a company and their visual identity, will be incorporated extensively throughout Eon’s design.

Ideation Sketching

immersive yet intuitive

Through many rounds of sketching, I explore unique, excitingly engaging alternatives to the common timeline. I iterate in pursuit of a balance between fun and immersive but also intuitive, in terms of navigation and clarity of the time scale's hierarchy


Home Page:
Choose an Eon


Basic navigation


All four eons comprising earth’s history are shown, including: title, timing, and illustrated appearance of earth during this time.


Upon tapping an eon, a short description is revealed, accompanied by the “discover” button, which users may tap to learn much more!

Eon Details


User scrubs forwards and backwards through history by sliding their finger right and left (respectively) along the timeline.


Globe reveals geologic progression at rate user scrubs through timeline.


As events occur, they congregate in this list. User may tap the eyeball next to each event to get a more detailed description.


Bottom bar reveals user’s place in time respective to all four eons (i.e. the beginning of the earth to now).

Event Details


Details of each event exists within a scrollable panel.


User may swipe left or right to discover events later or earlier in the eon, respectively.


Tap outside the panels to return to return to the timeline for the given eon.

Visual Inspiration

Dramatic, Theatrical

I aim to capture the mood and visual aesthetic common to many modern scientific motion graphics: particularly those on Discovery Channel! Clean and professional, with a flare of creative artistic craftsmanship.

Final Designs