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The Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame experience.
group project


How might we use technology and UX to allow visitors to keep track of new songs they discover?

On our visit to the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame we learned about the history of Rock, and listened to music from many Rock bands and their successors. But once we left the Rock hall, the name of these bands and the new songs we discovered were left behind too–so much new information, so many new bands! It was hard to remember it all. So we asked: how might we use technology and UX to allow visitors to keep track of new songs they discover?

Solutionby full group

Through touch screens built into various places around the museum, users will add discovered songs to their unique playlists, which they may access online after their visit.

Touch screens, each featuring a specific band, will appear on the exhibit glass around the museum, in proximity to the artifacts or displays of that band. Users will interact with the touch screen to learn more about the band, and discover their songs! Users may add songs to a Spotify playlist by scanning an RFID reader with a uniquely assigned RFID chip. Using a unique link, users may access their playlist online, or through the Spotify app.

Visual Inspiration by Hailey Thorp

Grungy Meets Classy

We aim for a visual aesthetic that captures the passion and personality of rock, but with an underlying elegance and organization. To do this, we will juxtapose bits of grunge-like elements against a clean, modern, theme.

Designs by me

Default Screen

This will appear on the glass touch screens by default, before the any user interaction. It quickly highlights key facts about the band, while a looping video of the band in concert plays in the background.

Song Selection

The user may play song samples, and "flip" song cards over to learn more! She will tap "add" to choose songs she wishes to put on her mixtape.

Scan Prompt

The user is directed to scan her mixtape, so the shown songs may transfer! The bottom arrow on the screen will animate up and down, pointing to the RFID scanner.

What's Next?

Before continuing museum exploration, the user will be shown other possible bands of interest, with the option to view the map, and find the exhibits of these bands.

Style Guide by me

Color Palette


Song Panels

Background Footage